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Sugar the newf in bed

Sugar ready for bed

Sugar is so funny. Not only did she rush out the door this morning when I tried to take the kids to school, and squeeze her chubby self into the back seat of my Jetta (in the small space between two carseats), today she has spent her time running about rescuing crying children.

Yes, you would think she would have tried to sit up front with me, but she is insistent that she ride with the children. She belonged to an elderly couple, and while they didn’t have children, they had grandkids. I’m not sure how often they were around, but apparently she has an instant liking for little ones.

Tonight my husband was putting the baby (toddler, he is 14 months) to bed, and of course he was crying. The bedroom door was shut, and my daughter cracked it opened, and Sugar did not hesitate to push her way through that crack and hoist herself up onto the crib and see what this crying was about. She wanted to make sure the baby was OK. After she had checked things out, she promptly left the room.


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