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Artwork of a grey, vertical rectangular box. The top half reads "Atari 2600. E.T.* The Extra-Terrestrial". The bottom half displays a drawn image of a brown alien with a large head and long neck beside a young boy in a red, hooded jacket.

Cover art for E.T the Extra-Terrestrial for the Atari 2600 (My first console game-*shudder*)

**Note: This blog has been posted with loving permission from my daughter who admits that she was owned on the video game list, but who will still will not admit that I’m a gamer.

This week has been an enlightening one for me in the world of gaming and youth culture. Turns out, I’m old. I’m an old gamer, or maybe I’m not—a gamer that is—depending on whom you ask. We always have the most interesting and fun conversations at dinner, and according to my Gen-Z daughter, turns out, that I’m not a gamer, because I don’t play Overwatch(more…)

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Judith Williams in Guild Wars 2For those of you who follow me, you know that I frequently publish content on MMOGology.com. However, that site is primarily dedicated to the academic analysis of online gaming communities. I have a lot to say about video games and not all of it is always academic in nature. So, I have decided to resurrect this old gaming blog of mine, where I will talk about all things gaming that are not academic in nature, including reviews, frustrations, and sweet, sweet, loot. (more…)

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Check out my latest MMO article on game design here:

Game Breaking Design Decisions

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Wife aggro

I can’t even count the times I have been in a group or raid, and someone has left because their husband or wife is having a fit over their gaming habits. It can be quite a nuisance, especially if it breaks up the group when you have spent hours getting to the bottom of that dungeon. There have even been times others have gone link dead, and when they come back later they say their wife turned off their computer. This is extremely annoying, and I can only imagine that if it annoys me, how the gamer must feel.


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I’ve recently been accepted as an intern at MMO Magic, working on the upcoming MMO Citadel of Sorcery as a level designer. I am pretty excited, not only because the game has quite a few intriguing aspects, but also because as far as writing goes I am now doing something that is more in tune with my heart. I love writing fiction. Of course I enjoy writing interviews, articles, and such, but creative writing is really where my heart is, and I love that I now have a professional outlet to express that artistic ability. It also works well since I am going to school to get a degree in creative writing. If you haven’t checked out the game you can do so at the link above:)

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