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EverQuest just celebrated it’s 10th year in gaming! That is quite an amazing feat. I recently, had the opportunity to interview Sr. Game Designer Ryan Barker, and veteran player Tnexus. I want to thank them both for answering my questions, and wish them both another decade in gaming!  It brings to mind many other games I have played, and I wonder if they will last as long. A decade in one game sounds so unrealistic, although I have spent the last 5 years in EQ2, so I suppose another 5 years isn’t too hard to imagine. (more…)

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Thinking about the EverQuest anniversary caused me to look back at the last 5 years I have had in EQ2. It is truly amazing, the amount of people you meet, that you would have never met before, and the friendships that are built. Many that I know laugh when I call people from a virtual world my friends, but to be honest, many of these people I have spent more time with than my real life friends.


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