Aion = Fun

I was a bit iffy when I logged into Aion this weekend. I just wasn’t sure how it would pan out, and I had a bit of fear that it would be cheesy. Although, now I will be preordering the game. It is a lot of fun. I haven’t found a new MMO in years that I have enjoyed. They all seem to fail in one way or another. This game is beautiful, engaging, has fun combat, and the emotes flat out do it for me!

Dean’s List

Woot! I just got a letter from the college saying I made the Dean’s list! Not bragging, but I just don’t have anyone else to tell, so I figured that I would tell the Internet!

MetaPlace Review

Check out my review of MetaPlace and my new article on breaking into the MMO Writing industry.


Free Realms Interview

Check out my interview with Laralyn McWilliams, Creative Director for Free Realms at Sony Online Entertainment. This is a great read for those looking to find out more on Free Realms.


Haven’t had much time to write on my blog with all the other work now, but I would like to share my review of Free Realms along with an article on gaming resources for women.

Free Realms

Gaming Resources for Women


I haven’t had a lot of time to be online lately. It is that time of the year for finals. It will be nice once summer hits and my time frees up! We went to the Earth Day celebration yesterday, and then to the zoo. The Earth Day festival was actually quite good, and the food was much better than the normal fair type variety.  But anyway, that is another post. So I have been using a bit of my free time to play EQ2 that past month, and I quite like the changes in The Shadow Odyssey. It is great to see the game getting back to grouping. It is much like the old days. I also can’t wait to write my first book! Here is a look at the recent review I wrote on the newest EverQuest II expansion.

EverQuest just celebrated it’s 10th year in gaming! That is quite an amazing feat. I recently, had the opportunity to interview Sr. Game Designer Ryan Barker, and veteran player Tnexus. I want to thank them both for answering my questions, and wish them both another decade in gaming!  It brings to mind many other games I have played, and I wonder if they will last as long. A decade in one game sounds so unrealistic, although I have spent the last 5 years in EQ2, so I suppose another 5 years isn’t too hard to imagine. Continue Reading »

Remembering the past

Thinking about the EverQuest anniversary caused me to look back at the last 5 years I have had in EQ2. It is truly amazing, the amount of people you meet, that you would have never met before, and the friendships that are built. Many that I know laugh when I call people from a virtual world my friends, but to be honest, many of these people I have spent more time with than my real life friends.

Continue Reading »

Wife aggro

I can’t even count the times I have been in a group or raid, and someone has left because their husband or wife is having a fit over their gaming habits. It can be quite a nuisance, especially if it breaks up the group when you have spent hours getting to the bottom of that dungeon. There have even been times others have gone link dead, and when they come back later they say their wife turned off their computer. This is extremely annoying, and I can only imagine that if it annoys me, how the gamer must feel.

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