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9Dragons Interview

You can check out the 9Dragons interview at mmorpg.com here!

Hope you enjoy!

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YaY! Rivendell!

I finally made it the the last homely home! And what a wondeful place it is! Just like in the books I didn’t want to leave either!

Frodo and I out on a walk

Still walking

The firehall or whatever they call it:P


The entry foyer of the last homely home- Look how shiny the marble is!

My main man Gandalf and Elrond

The Library with Colonel Mustard and the Candlestick

Sam Gamgee
Entry Foyer again

Entry Foyer

A council meeting at Tom Bombadil’s house- Council member Bump in Time-out for being noobsauce!


Council meeting in the Cat Lady’s house

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Ding! LvL 30!

Ding! Woot lvl 30! Actually I’m 31 now and almost 32, but this happened yesterday and I didn’t have time to post it! So I hit level 30 and did my class quest and I got this nifty viking hat:P

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All this time I could not believe that in this game that should so wonderfully support role-playing that you could not sit in a chair. Today I found out, and quite by accident, that you can indeed sit in a chair! Such a marvelous role-playing feature to be sure! (more…)

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Today the Warhammer Online monthly news letter came out, and along with some nice new screenshots of the dwarf starting area it also included the news that release date was to be pushed back to first quarter 2008. This will probably upset quite a few people. It doesn’t surprise me or upset me. Most games miss their first date and have to push back. It isn’t easy to give a realistic date when the game has just begun development. (more…)

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LotRO- The Books

I have recently started reading the books. I had only watched the movie before. I loved the movies, but I think the books are a lot better. I have to ask because it has been awhile since I have seen the movies, but it seems like there are a lot of things that happen in the books that they don’t show in the movies? (more…)

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Check out my latest article at MMORPG.com- A Blogger on Blogging. I’ve even mentioned a few of you!

A Blogger on Blogging


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This pretty much sums up a post that was on the Gods and Heroes forums today! The original post was:

“I hope to hitched to a women in game, like i did in World of Warcraft. “

Yeah… I’m not even joking! I think this is the first time I have ever seen anyone advertise asking for an in game wife! And the game isn’t even live yet. I am a huge fan of role playing, but I just found this a bit humorous!

Here is the link to the original post:


BTW- This looks to be a great game! Check out the site and the forums. There are some awesome videos up too!

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After running back and forth between towns to complete quests and my legs being dreadfully tired, I decided to try out the stables. I purchased the ride and fully expected to be ported to the town. I was in for a very nice surprise when I mounted a horse and galloped away! I know I have rode griffins and all, but this was awesome! I love riding through the towns at such a high speed! It was grand!

I actually enjoyed this so much that I rode the horse a few times. Of course now I am very nicely broke, but what’s being poor compared to the feeling of the wind against my face and the land speeding away under my feet?!

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Oh yeah today has been quite the day. I need a good soak in the tub and a good looking knight for some total relaxation! I think someone in middle-earth has a bounty on my head because it seems that everything was very intent on killing me today, but luckily for me I didn’t die once! In fact I have only died once which was my hubby’s fault for sending me an icq message and right before level 10 causing me to lose my title! But anyway back to my day. I won’t fill you in on the whole thing but here’s some tidbits- (more…)

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