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I’ve recently been accepted as an intern at MMO Magic, working on the upcoming MMO Citadel of Sorcery as a level designer. I am pretty excited, not only because the game has quite a few intriguing aspects, but also because as far as writing goes I am now doing something that is more in tune with my heart. I love writing fiction. Of course I enjoy writing interviews, articles, and such, but creative writing is really where my heart is, and I love that I now have a professional outlet to express that artistic ability. It also works well since I am going to school to get a degree in creative writing. If you haven’t checked out the game you can do so at the link above:)

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As many of you know I have been in search of a new raiding guild with earlier raid times. I love how EQ2 has the ability to open the guild window in game when you are unguilded and search for new guilds. This window features guilds and allows them to put up a short description of their guild and what they are looking for in members.


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