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Enough with the SOE Hate

Seriously, it is so totally last year to be hating on SOE! I can’t write one article without someone, usually the same person or two people posting after every decent post about how evil SOE is. Ok, post it once. Fine. You stated your opinion, now move on.

Why is it that there is always a certain two or three people who have to find every post they can, and post after every single person how evil Smedley and Soe is. I mean it begins to become ridiculous at some point. This post was the last straw for me: (more…)

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PotBS Dev Chat

Yesterday Flying Lab Software hosted a public chat session. You can read my summary of the event here:

DevChat Summary


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PotBS Deals with SOE

I know a lot of you are probably moaning and groaning over this, and some of you are even shouting out that this will be a repeat of Vanguard, but it isn’t. This is actually a great deal for PotBS, and is going to ensure that this game hits the market soon.

SoE isn’t evil. They are a great group of people, and have created games that i have enjoyed. I enjoyed SWG and I played EQ2 until my hands fell off! Yes, they took a huge wrong turn with SWG, and as far as I know they still haven’t found their way back, but at first it was a great game. It was fun, and it had some unique aspects that other MMOs’s still aren’t using. The game was awesome, and SoE did create it. (more…)

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My visit to Simutronics

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Simutronics the makers of the upcoming mmorpg Hero’s Journey. You can read more about my visit here.

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