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9Dragons Interview

You can check out the 9Dragons interview at mmorpg.com here!

Hope you enjoy!

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YaY! Rivendell!

I finally made it the the last homely home! And what a wondeful place it is! Just like in the books I didn’t want to leave either!

Frodo and I out on a walk

Still walking

The firehall or whatever they call it:P


The entry foyer of the last homely home- Look how shiny the marble is!

My main man Gandalf and Elrond

The Library with Colonel Mustard and the Candlestick

Sam Gamgee
Entry Foyer again

Entry Foyer

A council meeting at Tom Bombadil’s house- Council member Bump in Time-out for being noobsauce!


Council meeting in the Cat Lady’s house

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Ding! LvL 30!

Ding! Woot lvl 30! Actually I’m 31 now and almost 32, but this happened yesterday and I didn’t have time to post it! So I hit level 30 and did my class quest and I got this nifty viking hat:P

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