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I know most of you probably fell off of your seat laughing as you read the title, and I must admit the game did fall into true suckdom, but I also have to argue the fact that it had almost every aspect that would create the perfect MMORPG. In fact if a lot of the newer mmo’s coming out would follow its lead in certain aspects of their game, they too could create a truly amazing, immersive, and impressive mmo. (more…)

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Sports MMO

So last night my friends and I were sitting around a fire, drinking beer just throwing things out there, and of course anytime I bring up gaming they all look at me like I am nuts, expect for one of them because he is all into fantasy and such.

Trying to find some common ground one of my friends who is a huge football nut, I mean huge, the guy changes Jerseys per game depending on who he wants to root for, and if you knock on his door during the game he will answer it so quickly that all you see is the door slamming in your face, and you find yourself wondering if he was ever really there at all, and what it was you spoke to him about. So this friend, who I won’t add his name because he is an alderman for our city and someone could always be looking for dirt, and how video gaming has gotten into politics who knows what could be all twisted around. Plus it could reveal my true identity. (more…)

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This little sparkly question mark, dubbed “shiny” by players, may not seem like much to an average person, but in the world of Norrath this little speck of light can create turmoil like none seen before it. For those of you who do not play Everquest II, this little sparkle on the ground is a harvestable item that can be examined to start a quest. A scavenger hunt of sorts, to find a group of items. The completion of this quest usually gives a pretty nice reward and a decent hunk of xp to boot. (more…)

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