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Level 150

Today a guildie looted this most uber and fabulous weapon. We all gasped as we saw “lvl 150″. What does this mean? At the current rate of 10 levels per expansion, that is if SoE raises the level cap each expansion, which they won’t, but if they did that would be like 15 expansions from now, and at the current rate of 1 expansion every 6 months, that would be like 2 1/2 years… So we can only conclude that this is a huge mistake, bug, error, accident, whatever you want to call it, or that a player is expected to hold onto this for 2 1/2 years? (more…)

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The Ninja Nerf

I woke up yesterday, and prepared myself mentally for patch day. Patch day generally sucks. The servers are down for hours, and you sit at your computer watching the update like it is going to save you from a horrible and painless death, or be what causes it. Yeah, I know I could have got up during that four hours and did something productive, but no matter how much you try, or think about doing something else, you just can’t. The launch pad becomes a beacon of hope, a light leading the way into your world of pure enjoyment. You are glued to the screen and cannot and will not move until it says play.


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Echoes of Faydwer

This expansion rocks my socks! I love it. I retired my level 70 and I have started a new fae. My fae is already level 33 and kickin butt with the best of them! I love all the new zones and the fact that I don’t have to go to any of the old zones. The graphics are great, and being a fae is well… just faetastic! The EQ2 dev team has outdid themselves with this one, it is like a whole new game, and after 2 years playing, and thinking I would be done soon I instead find myself ready to go another 2 years! WTG SOE!

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